Friday, September 18, 2009

Handmade vs Yankee

As a candle maker I frequently checkout my competition to see the latest scents etc.
I recently went to the Yankee Candle website and instantly was shocked!
Their melting tarts - which are a little less than one ounce sell for 1.99! There fore a 6 pack of tarts would be 11.94 before shipping!
I ( as does Yankee Candles) make triple scented candles and tarts- the tarts are a full one ounce- and I sell 6 packs for 4.50- many times I have them on sale for 3.50 and I always include free tarts with every order
So I just have to ask- why would anyone continue to buy Yankee?


  1. People get on these jags, they think they are "in with the in-crowd" to buy certain brands, or maybe they just don't know any better. Yankee Candles are soooo overpriced, and also, I think they really aren't as generous with their scents as the small-scale candlemakers are. I have seen THIS SEASON'S Yankee candles IN THE JARS at 60% off because they have lost their scent so quickly. We had a lovely candle store in town, and honestly hers were better scented than Yankee, but she didn't have "the name" and eventually went "kaput."

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  3. It is too bad she could not survive against the "big" candlemaker- hers probably were a lot better like you said!!

  4. I will definitely buy yours the next time I need candles. Thanks for the comparison...I can't get over your variety of scents. They're just wonderful, especially Butter Rum and Lilac Blossoms.

  5. Thanks Doris! I look forward to having you as a customer!

  6. I can HONESLTY say that your tarts are way better than Yankee. When I burn Yankee tarts the scent only last through a few burns. I pop one of your tarts in, Olde Crow Bakery is my fav and I can plug in let run for HOURS, unplug and do this over and over and I STILL get scent! Ive been burning an OCB since last Fri, every day and it still smells wonderful!!