Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baked in a Pie Tarts!!Only two blackbirds baked in these pies instead of four and twenty but they turned our so cute!They are a big 2 oz tart ( if you have a small tart melter you will want to cut these in half).These also look great in a trencher or old dough bowl!!Choose from:

Olde Crow Bakery

Dried Cracked Cinnamon

1627 Spice Cupboard

New England Colonial KitchenColonial

Mulled Cider

Pumpkin Hollow.

2.50 per tart plus shipping ( shipping will be combined for multiple tart orders)Order by email prairieprim@comcast.net


  1. That is really cute and I hope it will be delicious as well. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting

  2. Cute post, I am not a fan of pies but after seeing the post, I might try this one out. Thank you for sharing it with us

  3. This is really looking cute and I am sure it is delicious too. Thanks for sharing the post. Hope to see recipe and other things too.